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Are The Lions Finally Turning The Corner With Dan Campbell?

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)


The Detroit Lions are on the verge of making some NFL history in 2022.

After starting the season in typical Lions fashion, the team has gone from a 1-6 record to 6-7.

All of this has happened while Detroit now closes in on a playoff spot.

With Dan Campbell at the helm, some feel his leadership is the reason behind the success.

However, has he finally turned the corner with the Lions, or is this just a fluke season?


Lions Turned The Corner After Beating A Lifelong Rival

When the Lions defeated Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, it was like winning the Super Bowl.

While their defense was one of the worst before that game, they held the Packers to nine points.

However, the win wasn’t against a Packers team at full strength.

They faced a Packers offense with an injured Rodgers, while he also had rookie receivers who were still adjusting to the NFL.

But does this discount the play of the Lions over the last six games?

With the record of the teams they have beaten, they are winning against mostly weaker teams.

However, their game against the Buffalo Bills saw them taking a Super Bowl favorite to the limit.

While the team is making improvements, some of their wins are by sheer luck.

With their win over the Chicago Bears, they got lucky on a missed extra point.

But the improvements are seeing the Lions averaging 3.5 touchdowns per game over their last six games.

If the Lions reach the playoffs, and win a playoff game, then fans can say Campbell has permanently turned the Lions around.

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