Anti-vaxxer calls urine treatment the new COVID ‘antidote’

As the pandemic has evolved and vaccinations have become politicized, the door is open for some dubious alternatives to COVID-19 treatment.

Urine therapy – where advocates encourage people to drink their own urine to take advantage of its redemptive properties – is among the latest, and a recent video calling the therapy the next “COVID antidote” was viewed over 366,000 times.

“I have seen an increase in anti-waxers and conspirators who support urine, Viagra and other strange alternatives to the vaccine,” said Dr. Amanda Torres, a physician at Winchester Hospital in Boston. “It is dangerous”

Christopher Key, who travels the country preaching about the dangers of vaccines and masks, has taken too much of promoting urine therapy on his “Vaccine Police” website.

“OK and I know that sounds crazy to many of you, but guys, God has given us everything we need,” he said. Key that claims “Tons of research” has been done on urine treatment.

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