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Another Hitman Action Thriller – Trailer for ‘Repeater’ with Paul Sidhu

Another Hitman Action Thriller – Trailer for ‘Repeater’ with Paul Sidhu

by Alex Billington
November 21, 2022
Source: YouTube

Repeater Trailer

“Do whatever it takes.” Saban Films has revealed a trailer for an indie action thriller titled Repeater, from action director R. Ellis Frazier. Unfortunately this isn’t a time loop sci-fi, it’s one of these dime-a-dozen trash action films they’re dropping all the time these days. “Find. Kill. Repeat.” For hit man Smith, these are the only words to live by. But a botched job forces him to take a high-stakes open contract arranged by his handler. Smith’s latest target? The hacker-activist Rousseau, who has run afoul of corrupt corporations and powerful men like Silver. In the border towns of Mexico, Smith confronts local gangs, competing contract killers Botha and Sykes, and a crisis of conscience with deadly consequences. The film stars Paul Sidhu, Kristanna Loken, Nick Moran, James Faulkner, with Corbin Bernsen and Gary Daniels. Ugh this looks as generic and as forgettable as they come, everything is so derivative and uninteresting. No, thanks.

Here’s the first official trailer (+ poster) for R. Ellis Frazier’s Repeater, direct from YouTube:

Repeater Poster

A hired hitman is in the crosshairs when rival contract killers come gunning for him. For hired hitman John Smith (Paul Sidhu), his directive is straightforward: seek, locate, and terminate. But rival assassins have him in their sights as they track and target each other and aim for their latest assignment – take out a hacker who threatens to expose the malicious criminality of a conglomerate head. Repeater is directed by the American producer / filmmaker R. Ellis Frazier, director of the films Misfire, Eight Days Carlo, Larceny, Rumble, Legacy, Hustle Down, and also this year’s As Good as Dead previously. The screenplay is written by Benjamin Budd and R. Ellis Frazier. Saban Films will debut Frazier’s Repeater first in select US theaters on December 9th, 2022, then on VOD starting December 13th this year. Who wants to watch?

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