Amy Duggar reunited with Anna Duggar late last week.

By accident.

The niece of Jim Bob — who has been openly critical of her uncle and most of her relatives for years — excitedly told TikTok followers on August 4 that she had “news” for them.

She then went ahead and spilled some Duggar family tea…

This is a split screen photo of Amy Duggar and Anna Duggar. (Instagram)

“We saw Anna,” Amy said in video with her mother, Deanna Jordan, explaining in further detail:

“I was hugging my friend’s mom and I looked up and [Anna] was literally a couple inches away from me.”

As for where this chance meeting took place?

Amy and Deanna — who is Jim Bob Duggar’s older sister, you see — had attended the visitation earlier that day for a mutual friend of the family who passed away… and Anna also appeared to pay her respects.

Amy Duggar never has any problem called out her seemingly evil uncle. (TLC)

“Oh my God, she looked so angry,” Deanna chimed in before Amy noted that Josh Duggar’s wife “looked so ticked at the world” during the memorial, adding:

“She’s obviously right there in front of me, so I go, ‘Oh,’ completely startled that I’m literally seeing her face after years.

“I said, ‘Anna,’ and I kind of patted her back and she said, ‘Just give me space.’ I gave her space, I didn’t make it a big deal and I walked away.”

Amy Duggar is not a fan of her cousin Josh. And she’s opening up about the ways in which he’s affected her life. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Here’s the thing:

Amy has said on many occasions that she’s tried to reach out to Anna and has encouraged her to leave her husband — who, of course, is spending the next 12 years of his life in jail on a child pornography conviction.

Amy does seem to have Anna’s best interests at heart.

But did go a little too far in this case? Did she really need to alert the world to Anna’s allegedly angry mindset after crossing her path at a private and emotional event?

Anna Duggar is the long-suffering wife of Josh Duggar. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Amy wasn’t done, either.

She then speculated that Anna — who exchanged vows with Josh in 2008 before welcoming seven kids with the proven pedophile — “knows that I have been talking about her” and “how I’ve been trying to reach her.”

Deanna further explained that she did not even attempt to hug Anna to respect the claims about needing space.

“She obviously knows that I’m putting it out there that ‘Anna, you don’t have to be alone in this. We’re here for you, we’re gonna protect your children,’” Amy said on TikTok.

“But y’all, she made it clear tonight though that she does not want our help, she does not care for our help and that she’s gonna do whatever Anna does.”

Josh and Anna Duggar in happier times. Very long ago. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this summer, Amy and her mom spoke out about their family and the church they attend in Amazon’s Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets documentary.

The television special even rehashed Josh’s multiple sexual misconduct scandals and how Jim Bob allegedly concealed his crimes.

“It all kind of boils down to this, right?

“If you’re not going to protect those beautiful daughters from a predator that was living inside of your home and you knew about it, and you’re gonna sweep it under the rug and your mentality is kinda just to brush it off and to hide it and to lie, not only do I not respect you anymore, but I also don’t want to give you a right to get to know my child,” Amy also said in a June TikTok video about her uncle.

“Just focus on the fact [that] the abuse was hidden and then [Jim Bob] was put on the stand, and he said, ‘Oh judge, I don’t recall.’ You don’t recall your daughters’ abuse? You don’t recall that? Well, then, for me, I have to protect my son from you.

“Because something is not right here. A lot of screws are loose.”

Amy Duggar appears in the recent Amazon documentary series Shiny Happy People. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Go back to May 2022, meanwhile, and this is what Amy said via Instagram:

“Anna, I feel for you. No woman wants to be in your shoes. You’re faced with an impossible decision and you’re being surrounded by the wrong kind of support.

“You’ve been taught since you were a child that marriage is forever and you prayed for God to send you a partner. You’ve constructed a life and a family with him.

“You didn’t choose any of this, and your kids certainly didn’t either.”