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Amex GBT, Traxo Pilot Off-Channel Booking Capture Service

American Express Global Business Travel and Traxo are piloting a collaboration to capture out-of-channel bookings with a large client and hope make it widely available in the coming months, according to Traxo.

The companies didn’t identify the client.

In the joint project, Traxo’s Filter technology automatically detects travel confirmation emails along with any changes or cancellations through the company’s email server. Once detected, the bookings are integrated into the Amex GBT travel profile system. Additionally, travelers without company email addresses, such as contractors or job candidates, can manually forward email confirmations to get them into the system, according to Traxo.

Traxo founder and CEO Andrews Fabris said the aim is to solve the risk management concerns of “invisible bookings” made outside of preferred channels.

“The current level of disruption in the travel industry dramatically underscores the importance of real-time traveler visibility,” Fabris said in a statement. “It has become essential for modern travel managers to have a pre-trip consolidated view of employees’ itineraries. Not having sight of even one trip can have significant adverse consequences.”

The pilot client has deployed the tool globally, and if the pilot continues to prove successful, it will be more broadly available in early 2023, according to Traxo. Amex GBT will be offering it as a paid, a la carte option.

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