Amaze owners set the record straight about the state of the old shop

EMBARRASSED owners of a shop have seen the record straight about the state of their previous location which has been labeled an eyesore.

Co-owner of Amaze, Chris Lee, said he is “embarrassed” people believe himself and co-owner Polly Reehal to be responsible for the messy appearance of the charity shop’s previous location.

Amaze used to be based on Richmond Road at Malvern Link but a few months ago it relocated to Bellevue Terrace following issues with the landlord.

Mr Lee said: “The state it’s in now is not how we left it, the landlord has done this.

“It is absolute madness to me that someone would want to do that to their own property.

“We used the Joni Mitchell song ‘We’ve packed our bags and are ready to go…’ as the theme for our move up the road.

“Back in early November, there were severe gales and the window frame was rotten which caused the glass to break into pieces.

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“We put tape and boards up to make it safe for the public while the window was broken.

“It had been like that for around seven months and the landlord never changed it.”

Mr Lee found it difficult to run a shop without a front window and so took the boards as an opportunity to have fun themes and pictures to draw people in.

However, when a space became available on Bellevue Terrace he was excited to move.

He added: “When we left, we got new boards to put over the broken window and put suitcases at the bottom so that people couldn’t get to the glass and it stayed on theme – we wanted to leave it safe and also quirky.

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“We also left directions to get to Bellevue Terrace on the front and I was surprised to see that the landlord had painted it all out.

“It’s a clumsy effort and I’m quite embarrassed by it.

We put up another notice saying this isn’t how we left it and he painted it out the next day.

“Until the landlord does something, it’s a state of embarrassment.”

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