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Allegation: DNC Helped Knock Conservative Actor James Woods Off Twitter

Twitter once put its thumb on the conversational scales at the behest of progressive causes.

We didn’t have definite proof of that, but the evidence proved overwhelming. Just start with how Twitter booted President Donald Trump off the platform but let the Rev. Louis Farrakhan tweet to his hearts content.

Or how Twitter banned The New York Post’s account for breaking the Hunter Biden laptop story — despite its accuracy.

There’s a new Twitter sheriff in town.

Elon Musk’s purchase of the Big Tech behemoth earlier this year changed the rules on how the platform operates. Musk has vowed more speech, not less, and he’s trying to bring some transparency to the platform.

Today, Musk began unveiling behind-the-scenes information regarding how Twitter attempted to erase the Hunter Biden laptop story from the digital landscape. Except there’s far more to share than that sordid saga.

An early revelation from Matt Taibbi, the liberal journalist who has become the mainstream media’s most persistent critic, shows how a prominent conservative star found himself banned from Twitter.

The DNC helped boot Oscar-nominee James Woods for his conservative views.

Hollywood progressives routinely Tweet hateful, dishonest messages and rarely, if ever, suffered consequences under the previous Twitter management.

Now, we’re learning why.

This is a breaking story. More details will follow.

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