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Alexis Skyy fans do not buy her explanation of how her butt ‘got bigger’

Alexis Skyy is past the rumors of cosmetic improvement about her body.

The Instagram model went to IG to put an end to all the gossip her fans and haters have created about her body. Since she’s actually got work done and it took a few years to get clean over it, many people have come up with their own tales of Skyy’s nip-and-tuck process.

Photo: @ alexisskyy_ / Instagram

Most of the time, Skyy ignores the talk, but on Friday, December 17, the 27-year-old decided she could no longer ignore the lies. She wrote on her IG story, “I never did anything more about my ass, like I put on 10 pounds and my ass got bigger … I never got a bbl a day in my life, just my chest , other than that, yes, I did. ass shot like 10 years ago, so please with no more surgeries. “

Many commentators responded by claiming that Skyy’s statement was a fabrication. “She got the hood BBL,” one said. Another wrote, “You must not lie to us,” and another said, “That lie is as big as the one you told on Fetty Wap that he was the father of national television.” This particular person referred to a time when Skyy claimed that her then boyfriend was the father of her soon to be 4-year-old daughter, Alaiya.

Alexis Skyy addresses haters about his surgery.  (Photo: @alexisskyy_)

Alexis Skyy addresses haters about his surgery. (Photo: @alexisskyy_)

That rumor was disproved this year when it was discovered that car salesman Brandon Medford was the real father of her child.

Other commentators focused on trying to decipher what Skyy was really trying to say in his message. One said, “I do not understand what she’s trying to say … but no more surgery, honey! Period.”

The “Love and Hip Hop” star is unlikely to have surgery yet. In fact, she tweeted two months ago that she was interested in getting a liposuction. She wrote: “I can not wait to get this lipo, I took so much because the doctor said I had to.”

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