A Taste of Italian Summer lands in London

Summer is just around the corner which means holidays abroad could well be on the menu, as well as sun, sea, sand and lighter evenings. But for those without plans on jetting off to the Mediterranean, an Italian feast is coming to London. Chef Davide Foschi will be heading to Borough on Thursday 9th June with his brand-new supper club, A Taste of Italian Summer, and it’s sure to be a tasty affair.

Using the best locally-sourced and seasonal produce, Davide will be preparing two five-course tasting menus at Great Guns Social, and will be catering for meat eaters as well as vegetarians, bringing delicious combinations of different flavors to your plate, all from the heart of Italian gastronomy.

Italians do not do things by halves when it comes to food, so Davide has created a selection of welcoming bites as well as four more courses. Guests can expect either chickpea Farinata with eggplant and fresh ricotta cheese, as well as revisited Panzanella and polenta with wild herbs, or broad beans with Pecorino Romano cheese as well as polenta with guanciale.

The first course will consist of asparagus and cured egg yolk with a tasty insert of white asparagus cream. Italians traditionally enjoy a plate of pasta before tucking into their main, and for this Davide will be serving homemade Fagottini pasta filled with Stracciatella cheese, courgette flowers, anchovies and two different courgette sauces.

Vegetarians will then be served a concoction of artichoke, leek, red pepper sauce and mint oil, while those who opt for the meat and fish menu will be treated to swordfish served with eggplant caviar, carrots and a fish fumet sauce.

Last but not least is dessert, and for this the chef has chosen to treat guests to his lemon meringue tart – just be sure to leave some room for this sweet treat.

Born in a small town close to the Italian capital of Rome, Davide Foschi has built his career accumulating experience at the highest level of hospitality and has worked at The Savoy in London, as well as two Ritz-Carlton resorts in Bahrain and Grand Cayman and French Michelin Starred restaurant Club Gascon. He’s hoping that A Taste of Italian Summer will be a chance for foodies to come together, have fun, enjoy a dinner with friends, all while learning a bit more about Italian cuisine at the same time.

“I would love my guests to come and have a wonderful time with us at Great Guns Social and enjoy a special dinner that has an important story behind it, including the love and passion for Italian traditions,” chef Davide Foschi told The London Economic.

“I want to connect a community of people via their curiosity for food and different flavors.”

For more information on A Taste of Italian Summer, and to book tickets, visit eatwith.com.

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