8 Other Things Your Digital Wallet Can Do for You | Personal-finance

Some cards may not even make it into your physical wallet. The Apple Card, for example, offers a physical card option, but you have to request it.

Earn bonus rewards

With a digital wallet, you may be able to stack rewards earned from credit cards, promotions or the platform itself.

From your credit card issuer

Some credit cards offer special incentives when you upload them to a digital wallet. US Bank, for example, offers a card that earns 3 points per dollar on purchases made with a mobile wallet and rewards in other categories, too. The Apple Card earns 2% cash back on purchases made using Apple Pay in addition to rewards in other categories.

Through the digital wallet

Samsung Pay and Google Pay offer the chance to earn additional rewards when shopping with select merchants through their app. Depending on the option, you may have to activate rewards and follow instructions to earn them. Terms may also apply. It’s a chance to stack rewards earned from both a credit card issuer and your digital wallet for even more value.

4. Send and receive money

Whether you’re picking up the check or paying back a friend, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay facilitate sending and receiving money with a bank account, debit card or the balance in the app’s account. Apple Pay, for instance, lets you add Apple Cash by loading money into the app from a debit card or other source to send money.

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