50 Unphotoshopped Pics That Look Fake But Are 100% Real (New Pics)

Real-life can be far, far weirder than fiction and what our imaginations can sometimes come up with, and we’ve collected the proof. What you can do with a camera is practically magical, and we’ve got a lot of respect for all types of photographers (aka Light Wizards). They can use perspective and reflections to their advantage to stage some truly mind-bending images.

Bored Panda has painstakingly hand-crafted this list, featuring some of the most impressive and coolest photos from the internet, which are incredibly hard to believe aren’t photoshopped. However, they’re completely ‘natural’ and unedited, with all of their illusory effects captured either intentionally or entirely by accident.

Scroll down for some truly impressive unedited pics that look photoshopped to the max, and upvote your fave ones. If these photos inspired you to try something similar, we’ve got an extra dose of phantasmic and fantastic photography motivation for you right over here.

Professional photographer Dominic Sberna was kind enough to answer our questions about photography, recognizing photo-editing in images, and the importance of camera angles. You’ll find our full interview with him below, so be sure to scroll down and read his thoughts, Pandas.

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