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5 Simple Ways To Increase Business Security

There is no doubt that businesses face all sorts of threats. Vandalism, theft, and burglary don’t seem to get lower in numbers, which causes countless business losses. According to the 2021 Criminal Victimisation Survey Report, 38% of wholesale and retail businesses in the UK were victims of crimes. 

Cybercrimes have also increased following the shift of businesses to remote work during the pandemic. Cyber hackers targeted companies that didn’t invest in cybersecurity best practices. Many companies lost sensitive data to cyber criminals or spent more money trying to recover after malware attacks on their systems.

This article will show you how to significantly increase your business security:

1. Install commercial alarm systems

Installing an alarm system is one of the most efficient ways to improve workplace safety. If a break-in occurs, the alarm system can be triggered automatically or manually through buttons for the police to respond. 

Alarm systems reduce the response time of the police and, in the process, lower the chances of people getting injured or dying during a robbery. Also, when burglars know that your business has an alarm system, they’ll rarely break in unless they want to go to get caught in the act. The thought that your business premise is safe gives you peace of mind as a business owner.

2. Upgrade your doors, windows, and locks 

Invest in reinforced steel doors to prevent break-ins by thieves. Installing commercial-grade door locks also improves your business security, as invaders will have a hard time making their way in. Ensure even internal doors leading to rooms where expensive equipment is stored also have locks. This way, it will take the burglars longer to get to what they came to steal.

Fix security bars for windows in case thieves have ever broken into your premise through windows. You can also install strong window locks to beef up the security of your business. There is no reason why only doors should have commercial-grade locks since thieves can also enter your business through windows.

3. Store business data in a secure cloud   

One of the ways to protect your business against cyber criminals is to back up your data. This way, when your business data gets compromised by malware attacks, you can return to normal operations quickly by retrieving extra copies of the lost data. 

Business cloud storage is a good way to protect your company’s data from cyber hackers. The uploaded files get encrypted, so only people with the decryption keys can access them. Cloud storage companies will monitor your files to ensure they are safe from cybercriminals.

4. Use password managers

Cybercriminals access your business systems by cracking or stealing passwords. When your employees set weak passwords, cybercriminals have an easy time guessing them and stealing your data. 

Buying a password manager for your employees may boost your cybersecurity. Password managers store passwords to different accounts, so you don’t need to remember them. This way, you can set longer and more unique passphrases that cyber criminals can’t guess or crack. The only password you’ll need to remember is the one giving you access to the password manager. 

5. Train your employees on cybersecurity best practices        

Your staff can either be your biggest weakness or strength in the fight against cybercrimes. If they keep making mistakes and falling victim to cyber hackers, you’ll continue to lose resources. 

But if they learn how to evade tricks used by cyber hackers to bait them, your business will definitely be safer. When employees learn how phishing occurs, they’ll never reply to emails from outside their organization. Also, they’ll set longer and more unique passwords for each account they own.


Business security encompasses break-ins and cyber attacks. Your business will be secure when you protect it from physical attacks and cybercrimes. You may install alarm systems and CCTV cameras on your business premises to guard against physical attacks. Alarm systems reduce the response time of the police in case of a burglary. 

Backing up your data on the cloud reduces downtime in case fire, or floods destroy your business premise. You’ll also retrieve data quickly if cyber hackers introduce malware into your system to wipe out customer data. 

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