4th annual Hudson River SEAL Team Swim set for Saturday morning

NEWARK, NJ – Members of the military, law enforcement and the general public will jump into the Hudson River Saturday, all for a great cause.

As CBS2’s John Elliott reports, the Hudson River SEAL Team Swim starts with 100 pushups and 22 pullups, then a flag run through Liberty State Park. Then a swim to Liberty Island and another round of pushups and pullups. Then a swim to Ellis Island, more pushups and pullups, then a swim to Battery Park, a final round of pushups and pullups, a flag run to Liberty Park and a closing ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial.

It’s an incredible test of physical ability where every mile matters and every pushup and pullup stands for something. It’s ultimately all about courage, community and commitment.

“It’s really amazing to see the capabilities of our men and women that serve this country… It’s like a triathlon times 10, and watching the joy in their faces when they complete it… it’s amazing,” said Alex Manis of the GI Go Fund.

Over 200 are signed up for the swim, including over 50 Navy SEALs.

“It’s a beautiful group of people who are out there paying tribute to people they’ve lost, paying tribute to friends that they’ve lost, family members that they’ve lost, but ultimately looking forward and raising money for those that are still here and still need help,” said Jack Fanous of the GI GO Fund.

The goal is to raise $300,000 for the GI Go Fund.

“I always credit the GI Go Fund because they were the first major local support I received here in the city of Newark,” said “Iron” Mike Steadman of Ironbound Boxing.

The GI Go Fund was created in Newark, not only to take on the crisis of homeless vets, but to give all veterans a greater chance at greater success.

“Statistics have proven that veterans hire other veterans, and our theory is if we can get the veteran small businesses to get started, help them grow, help them thrive and teach them how to do that, they’ll hire veterans,” said Fanous .

More than just providing a professional space for veterans, the GI Go Fund is also committed to providing the services these modern day entrepreneurs need to survive.

“I think veteran-owned businesses, particularly those run by Black veterans, represent the biggest untapped resource we have in America today. Because when we rise up, we take our families and communities with us,” Steadman said.

The GI – or General Infantry – Go Fund was founded in 2006.

The fourth annual Hudson River SEAL Team Swim starts Saturday at 11 am at Liberty State Park. Elliott will have live coverage leading up to the event starting at 10:30 am, and CBS News New York will provide continuing coverage throughout the day.

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