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49ers win Wild Card 23-17 as time runs out for cowboys in hectic finish – CBS San Francisco

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBS Sports) – Things did not go as planned for the Dallas Cowboys in their goal of averting a upset NFL Super Wild Card Weekend, losing 23-17 in a throwback game against the San Francisco 49ers. The latter dissected the former with surgical precision on the way to scoring in the opening of the game, and all that Dak Prescott and Co. did. could patterns in response was a three-and-out. It was yet another promising possession for Jimmy Garoppolo and his offensive thereafter, but they were held to just a field goal in a game that came off the Cowboys early.

A penalty kick-filled first quarter (which eventually turned into a penalty kick four yards) combined with poor execution – including an ill-considered and disappointing attempt at a trick game that was fumbled off the field – to pressure the Cowboys when the first quarter came to a end. It was once again Dallas’ defense that showed up in the bend-but-break no-way, allowing a great third-down conversion by Brandon Aiyuk, but keeping them to another field goal, hoping that their offensive opponents would wake up and score.

They would see their prayer answered as Prescott went down the 49ers defense on a nine-game drive that moved 67 yards in the second quarter to find dirt on a penny of a touchdown pass to Amari Cooper. Another field goal by Robbie Gould extended the lead a bit for the 49ers before the Cowboys saw a drive killed by the sun, literally, and it was still close as it went into the break, but it did not stay that long; and despite the fact that Nick Bosa left the match with a concussion / head injury and did not return.

In the third quarter, the 49ers used a fierce effort involving a sack, an interception and then a highlight touchdown by Deebo Samuel to make it a 23-7 competition, and the Cowboys could only muster a punt after being beaten with the three-play sequence.

It was the state of affairs heading into the fourth quarter, where the Cowboys had also been penalized 10 times to the point of 49ers in just three – almost all of the offenses helped offset any potential momentum they could have gained during the first three quarters.

They would get a great deal back after a field goal by Greg Zuerlein, which preceded an interception by cornerback Anthony Brown, and the defense was rewarded with a hurried touchdown by Prescott for shrinking the lead to just six points with eight minutes left. in regulation. It went to the thread from there, where both teams received critical penalties that constantly turned the shot against them. In the end, it was the 49ers who advanced to the division round and the Cowboys are now entering the offseason with plenty of questions to answer.

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