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4 Best Cable TV Alternatives in 2023

<strong>4 Best Cable TV Alternatives in 2023</strong>
<strong>4 Best Cable TV Alternatives in 2023</strong>

Cord-cutting is on the rise and people are rapidly turning towards cutting their costs by opting for alternative options instead of cable TV, after all, no one likes to exhaust their budgets, right?

So, if you are also tired of the over-burdening monthly cable bill, and are looking for an alternative you can turn to once you let go of the cable, then you are at the right place. 

In this piece, we will be covering the 4 best cable TV alternatives available to you. 

Without any delay, let’s dive in!

  1. Official Channel Applications

One of your greatest options if you simply want to watch a few specific channels is to download and subscribe to the official applications. You can find all of your preferred local channels in the app store, and these applications are approximately starting from $10 per month, or even free in some cases. 

It is quite mainstream now as well. For instance, NBC Universal on Peacock TV offers live news and sports coverage. Peacock offers virtual channels that let you create your libraries to make it simpler to locate things to watch.

Since you would need internet at all times to access these applications, we recommend you opt for any of the AT&T Internet plans. This way you do not have to worry about the internet and watch live TV from anywhere you want. 

  1. Live TV Streaming Platforms 

Streaming services have been the most prominent alternative for cord-cutters. All thanks to the internet and the rising number of streaming platforms offering the same Live TV experience to the viewers but at a rather slashed price. Nevertheless, the more the choices are, the more it might get tricky to choose. 

Therefore, we have narrowed down some of the best Live TV streaming services available to you and you can have a pick for yourself. 

  • Hulu With Live TV

Hulu with Live TV takes the leading position in this list. It comes at $69.99 per month. With easy to use interface, an extensive library of on-demand content, and a wide range of local TV channels from TNT to ESPN, it is an excellent choice. Along with the original Hulu content, why would you want to miss this alternative?

  • Sling TV

Sling TV enters the cable TV alternatives with a bang by offering a free version of the streaming service. Of course, the content available is not as extensive as the ones offered on the other two plans, but for those cutting down on the cost, it is surely an exciting choice.

  • FuboTV

Are you a sports fan, and the only thing keeping you from cutting the cord is access to all sports channels? Well, then FuboTV is here to the rescue. From NBC to ESPN, NFL Network and so much more, FuboTV has got it all for you. You even get the choice of three plans, so what are you waiting for?

  • DIRECTV Stream

DirecTV Stream has got it all for you, from entertainment to family and sports. With two plans available to you, you can get the one that fits your liking the best. The coolest thing of all? You can make your package as well by adding on extra channels that you want. 

  1. Premium Channel Streaming

The channel networks such as Starz, HBO, and Showtime have realized the trend of cord cutting and they got the best counter to curb this loss. 

These channels offer premium-streaming services that blanket all the original content. Sure, these services don’t hold similar extensive libraries as other live TV streaming services, but for the hardcore fans of these networks; it is the perfect spot. 

  1. HD Antenna

You might be surprised by how many channels you can access in your home by simply connecting an HD antenna if you don’t have a cable package. Installing an HD antenna 30 feet above a home or apartment is not possible for everyone. However, even viewers of televisions in lower-floor apartments have access to several additional channels. They can do this by utilizing different high-definition antenna types.

Closing Remarks

So, if you were also planning on cutting the cable cord finally, then the above options are the best alternatives for you. They span across different budget ranges, so we are positive that you will be able to spot the one that suits you the best without any hassle. 

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