37 Actors Who Wore Bad Hairdos For A Role

Taylor Lautner’s long hair in Twilight was just tragic.

Actors have to do a lot to prepare for a role and become a character.

They have to look a certain way to be a character or to fit a storyline, but sometimes the final product is, uh, questionable. So, let’s take a look at some of these * unique * looks:


This is Anne Hathaway IRL.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

And this is Anne Hathaway’s wig in Brokeback Mountain, which should’ve been a controversy of its own.


This is Blake Lively IRL.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for Michael Kors

And this is Blake Lively’s hair in Blair’s wedding episode of Gossip Girl, which is simply appalling.


This is Chad Michael Murray IRL.

C Flanigan / Getty Images

And this is Chad Michael Murray’s hair in Season 4 of One Tree Hill, which is just SO uncomfy to look at.


This is Julia Roberts IRL.

Karwai Tang / WireImage / Getty

And this is Julia Roberts in Mother’s Day.

Even though you probably mistook her for Coconut Head from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.


This is Sarah Michelle Gellar IRL.

Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

And this is Sarah Michelle Gellar in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which made her look like someone who tried to cut their own bangs during an emotional breakdown.


This is Halle Berry IRL.

Steve Granitz / FilmMagic

And this is Halle Berry’s wig in the X-Men movies, which she deserved so much better than.


This is Samuel L. Jackson IRL.

Daniele Venturelli / Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images

And this is Samuel L. Jackson’s wig in The Great White Hype, which … speaks for itself.


This is Terrence Howard IRL.

And I think this is Terrence Howard in Empire. It may also be a ragamuffin doll.


This is Alison Pill IRL.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage

And this is Alison Pill’s haircut in The Newsroom, and it’s also what I see in the corner of my room when I have sleep paralysis.


This is Shemar Moore IRL.

Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

And these are Shemar Moore’s “cornrows” in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and we must hold Tyler Perry accountable for this.


This is Mehcad Brooks IRL.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

And this is Mehcad Brooks’ wig in A Fall from Grace, which, again, Tyler Perry will have to answer for one day!


This is Nicole Kidman IRL.

Gregg Deguire / WireImage

And this is Nicole Kidman’s wig in Top of the Lake, which looked like the dust ball you would find under your fridge.


This is Michael C. Hall IRL.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

And this is Michael C. Hall’s wig in Dexter flashbacks, which made me think he was a Belieber.


This is Taylor Lautner IRL.

And this is Taylor Lautner’s wig in Twilight spirit Twilight: New Moon, which made it seem like Jacob did not even wash his hair.


This is Peter Dinklage IRL.

Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

And this is Peter Dinklage’s wig in The Boss, which made him look like a teenager going through his emo phase.


This is Jennifer Lawrence IRL.

And this is Jennifer Lawrence’s wig in the X-Men movies, which was just … no.


This is Vincent Kartheiser IRL.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

And this is Vincent Kartheiser’s hairline in Mad Men, which was ROUGH.


This is Cassie Steele IRL.

Image Group La / The Walt Disney Company

And this is Cassie Steele’s blonde hair in Degrassi: The Next Generation, which I thought was a fever dream, but no, it was real.


This is Cobie Smulders IRL:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

And this is Cobie Smulders kinda giving Lord Farquaad in the How I Met Your Mother flash-forward scenes.


This is Constance Wu IRL.

Steve Granitz / WireImage

And these are Constance Wu’s enormous bangs in Hustlers.


This is Emma Stone IRL.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage

And this is Emma Stone’s wedge in The Help, which was almost as problematic as the film.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


This is Kate Mara IRL.

Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

And this is Kate Mara in Fantastic Four wearing a wig that I can not believe they thought looked natural.


This is Sarah Jessica Parker IRL.

Francois G. Durand / WireImage

And just like that, the biggest mistake of Sex and the City was Sarah Jessica Parker’s short bob.


This is Nina Dobrev IRL.

Samir Hussein / WireImage

And these are Nina Dobrev’s wigs in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries, which actually made me cackle.


This is Sasha Pieterse IRL.

Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

And these are Sasha Pieterse’s bangs on Pretty Little Liars, which never should’ve happened.


This is Lucy Hale IRL.

Steve Granitz / FilmMagic,

And this is Lucy Hale’s – umm – unique pink hair and Bumpits in Pretty Little Liars!


This is Shailene Woodley IRL.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

And these are Shailene Woodley’s bangs in Season 2 of Big Little Lies, which still keep me up at night.


This is Shane Kippel IRL.

George Pimentel / WireImage

And this is Shane Kippel’s hair in Season 4 of Degrassi: The Next Generation, which made me want to scream.


This is Katherine Langford IRL.

Kristy Sparow / Getty Images for L’Oreal

And this list would be incomplete without Katherine Langford’s bob-style wig in 13 Reasons Why.


This is Corey Hawkins IRL.

Mike Marsland / Mike Marsland / WireImage

And this is Corey Hawkins’ wig in The Walking Dead, which did not even slightly look like it was actually growing from his scalp.


This is Charlie Weber IRL.

Byron Cohen / ABC via Getty Images

And this is Charlie Weber’s flashback wedge in How to Get Away with Murder, which was the real enemy all along.


This is Liza Weil IRL.

Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

And this is Liza Weil’s flashback wig on How to Get Away with Murder, which was not much better than Charlie’s.


This is Stephen Amell IRL.

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images,

And this is Stephen Amell’s wig in the flashbacks for Arrow, which made him look like a menace to society.


This is Angelina Jolie IRL.

Jc Olivera / Getty Images

And these are Angelina Jolie’s bangs in Girl, Interrupted, which were … chaotic.


This is Rita Ora IRL.

David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images for Walpole

And I still want to know why Rita Ora was in Fifty Shades of Gray and why she was given a flapper’s bob.


This is Kiernan Shipka IRL.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage

And this is Kiernan Shipka’s white wig in the Season 1 finale of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which was definitely one of the most chilling things I’ve ever seen.


And lastly, this is Madelaine Petsch, Camila Mendes, and Lili Reinhart IRL.

And these were the wigs they had to wear on Riverdale while keeping a straight face.

What are other times actors had an awkward or unsightly transformation for a role? Let us know in the comments.

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