30 pictures that sum up Birmingham’s 1977 with Silver Jubilee on the main stage

Welcome back to 1977 – the first Ford Fiestas are going on sale, Fleetwood Mac’s brilliant album Rumors is released, and the claymation character Morph is seen on TV for the first time. It’s a big year in British culture.

Not to mention the small matter of Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee, of course. Oh, and the last episode of the original Dad’s Army.

The 70s are still roaring, with punk and disco tussling in the charts and the clubs of Brum. Casual fashion is rapidly evolving after the experimentation of the 60s, and TV is really coming into its own after broadcasting hours restrictions were lifted earlier in the decade.

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We’ve taken a deep dive into the archives, and pulled out a selection of pictures of Birmingham back in 1977. From the Jubilee to street scenes in Birmingham neighborhoods, there’s memories here for everyone.

See vintage cars swarm city streets, and scenes inside the indoor markets. Pictures also show the scale of some strikes and protests happening at the time, as people march for change.

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Look at old trains on the New Street platforms, and ABBA putting Birmingham during their spell at a huge concert. The Army’s famous “Green Goddesses” got one of their regular test drives that year too – and they’d be called into action the following year.

The political machines of the UK were also waking up for their 1979 election battle. Margaret Thatcher was spotted in Shard End, trying to woo Brummies amid an economic downturn.

Snaps from our city’s football clubs are here too, along with a couple of our community buildings that have seen better days in modern times. Take a look below and let us know what you remember!

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