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3 Baseball Themed Slot Games You Have to Try in 2022

If you love watching, playing, and betting on the sport, then you will appreciate the post we have for you today. While there have been several baseball themed slots throughout the year, the ones on this list are rated to be the best. Get ready to set aside the remote and rack up a few paylines as we list the three best baseball themed slots that you just have to try this year.

King of Swing by RTG

Slot Basics:

  • 5×3 progressive jackpot slot with 25 paylines
  • Minimum/maximum bet: £0.25 – £125
  • Minimum/maximum coin size: £0.01 – £5
  • RTP rate: 95%
  • Variance/volatility: High
  • Bonus: wilds, scatters, free spins, respins, and bonus multipliers
  • Local jackpot worth 5000 coins

Not a particularly well-known title, RTG’s King of Swing deserves more attention from baseball fans than it received originally on its release. It has a catchy, colourful art style with a strong retro vibe that will snag onto your sense of nostalgia almost immediately. Icons of baseball cards, the patched blue helmet, the spilling soda cup, the gold trophy, and those mustard lined hotdogs are not just symbols to match, but they also provide baseball fans with a sense that RTG knew what they were doing while developing the game. That sense becomes stronger as you hear the audio track which perfectly matches the state of your reels on screen.

Setting aside the theme, audio and visuals, the slot itself has huge promise to it as well, given that King of Swing is a progressive slot. Since no one can predict the size of a progressive jackpot, or when it will pay out, RTG has added a local jackpot of 5000 coins (maximum) that pays out far more frequently. Since the maximum coin size is £5, it is possible to win £25,000 on King of Swing, without hitting the progressive jackpot. While Golden Glove by the same developers got more attention, King of Swing has a distinct appeal which it does not.

Nevertheless, as long as you are looking for baseball themed slots, give Golden Gloves a few goes yourself to see how you like it. Just make sure that whichever baseball themed slot you might be interested in, you are testing it out at a registered and regulated online casino. Be especially careful while browsing through a list of new casinos for 2022, because new establishments have little to no history to give them credence, even though they usually have the best bonus offers for new members. Thankfully, Online Casinos have already posted a list of new casinos for 2022 which are licensed in the UK and regulated by trusted gambling authorities. OnlineCasinos.co.uk is a well-established and GDPR compliant source for finding legitimate, new casino sites in the UK with the best bonus offers.

Hot Shot by Microgaming

Slot Basics:

A lot more popular than Golden Glove or King of Swing, Hot Shot by Microgaming is one of the gambling software giant’s more popular baseball themed slots. However, if we were to compare Hot Shot with King of Swing, the graphics and the audio quality of the former are nowhere as good as they are in the latter. The bright and vividly colourful symbols used here include coffee cups, golden trophies (scatters), popcorn, baseball caps, hotdog-soda combos, and even a Home Run symbol in cartoon art style. The audio track is also quite decent in Hot Shot, comparisons aside. However, the quality of the art or the resolution could have used a bit more work.

Nevertheless, Hot Shot is a more popular baseball themed slot game, you have a higher chance of winning (medium variance), and the RTP is slightly higher than King of Swing too. Therefore, if we were to look at the slot purely from the point of view of a punter, it can be considered a better game if you prefer comparatively frequent, but smaller payouts, rather than occasional big ones. Do note that unlike most of Microgaming’s slot games, Hot Shot is a very simple slot game without any complex slot mechanics. There are no free spin bonus rounds here, which can lead to boredom after a few rounds.

Baseball Frenzy by DreamTech Gaming

Slot Basics:

  • 5×3, non-progressive video slot with 243 paylines
  • Minimum – maximum bet: £0.30 – £30
  • Minimum – maximum coin size: £0.01 – £1
  • RTP rate: 97.12%
  • Variance/volatility: Medium
  • Bonus: wilds, scatters, free spins, respins, and multipliers.
  • Maximum possible multiplier: 1,000x the total stake/1,000 coins.

The last game on our list is Baseball Frenzy by DreamTech Gaming. If you have any doubt about the frenzy part, just take a look at the mad smile on their batter’s face to have your doubts hit out of the ballpark! Out of all the baseball themed games we have come across so far, Baseball Frenzy definitely has more character than any of the others. The cartoony art is not a sloppy job like it often is with slot games, but the symbols have been created with enough care to match an equally frenzied baseball stadium soundtrack with perfection.

With a dominant blue theme in the background, the colours pop on each symbol, whether it’s the standard J to A symbols, or the loudspeaker, the frenzied batter, or the “wild” trophy. It’s also a relatively more complex slot, which opens up more opportunity for players to land several additional wins. Taking the medium variance, 243 paylines, and high RTP of 97.12% into consideration, the free spins and respins can help you land some huge wins in Baseball Frenzy.

These are the top three baseball themed slots that every baseball fan should at least try out in 2022. Most online casinos offer free credits to new players, so you might be able to try the slots out and find the one you like the most by making a tiny deposit (usually £10-25).

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