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2 Reasons The Giants Will Most Likely Miss The Playoffs

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The New York Giants are flirting with their first return to the playoffs since the 2016-17 season.

While it’s been six seasons since their last playoff run, they hope this season sees them making a playoff return.

However, there are two things that will hold them back from reaching the NFL playoffs this season.


1. Giants Lack A Passing Attack

It’s extremely difficult to reach the playoffs without a passing attack.

With the NFL being a pass-happy league, the Giants are failing in the passing game.

While they are playoff contenders, their 28th-ranked passing game won’t keep them in contention.

They can’t put everything on Saquon Barkley, who’s been holding up the Giants offense this season.

While he’s an amazing running back, he’s not a one-man wrecking crew.

Unless the Giants get something turned around on offense in the passing game, they won’t make the playoffs.


2. Giants Lost Their Magic After Starting 6-1

When the Giants started their season 6-1, everyone was shocked.

However, since their 6-1 start they are 1-3-1, with losses to the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, and Seattle Seahawks.

With several divisional games coming up against the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Commanders, the Giants’ playoff hopes are doomed.

Their magic of winning games was from the team’s defense, and Barkley’s rushing on offense.

However, that defense has given up an average of 24.4 points over their last five games.

With offenses now breaking through their defense, it’s putting too much pressure on the offense.

That offense can’t take the pressure, as it’s all on Barkley to produce.

Opponents know this, and it’s caused the magic the Giants had to wear off.

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