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2 MLB Teams Having A Bad Offseason So Far

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The MLB free agency period has been very kind to a few teams so far.

But, there are still plenty of top free agents available.

The Winter Meetings are underway this week and some of the top free agents have already signed.

There are a few teams that have yet to make a move but need to improve their roster.

Here are two MLB teams having a bad offseason so far.


1. Toronto Blue Jays

Last season the Blue Jays had expectations of being a World Series team.

Yet, they failed to even get out of the Wild Card round.

So it would make sense for the Blue Jays to be aggressive this offseason in improving their team.

But, all they have done so far is got worse.

Toronto has yet to sign any impact free agent, but they did make a trade.

That was sending their all-star caliber outfielder Teoscar Hernandez to the Seattle Mariners.

So the Blue Jays lost one of their best hitters and have done nothing to replace him.

For a team expecting to make noise in the AL next season, the Blue Jays are off to a bad start.


2. Chicago White Sox

No team had a more disappointing 2022 season than the Chicago White Sox.

After finishing the season with an 81-81 record, the White Sox missed the playoffs.

They entered the season as massive favorites in the AL Central but struggled all season.

The start to the offseason has not been much better for them.

Chicago has already seen their most consistent player, Jose Abreu, leave in free agency.

Plus, they lost Josh Harrison, Johnny Cueto, Elvis Andrus, and AJ Pollock in free agency.

If the White Sox are serious about getting back to the playoffs, they need to make some key moves to improve their roster.

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