Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton have gone back to work.

According to The Sun, the siblings have resumed filming on Season 4 of 1000-Lb. Sisters… following a hiatus producers decided to take due to a shocking fight between family members.

Specifically, this same outlet reports, cameras were spotted a few days ago recording Tammy mourning the loss of husband Caleb Willingham at his funeral in Kentucky.

Amy and Tammy Slaton are posing here for an old series promo pic. (TLC)

In mid-July, The Sun wrote about how Tammy Amy, Amanda Halterman and Chris Combs got into an actual fight while in Florida.

“The film crew was present, but they felt uncomfortable working with them because of the way they were behaving,” a source explained back then.

We don’t know the exact basis for this altercation.

The insider simply cited “major off-camera drama” and confirmed that things turned physical, stating that the relatives “really got into it.”

Amy and Tammy Slaton have co-starred on their own reality show for years. (TLC)

Both Tammy and Amy are going through a lot these days.

The latter called 911 in February after she and husband Michael got into an argument that, as she claimed to the operator at the time, became “violent.”

On Michael’s behalf, that is.

Amy told police officers on the scene that her estranged spouse started “throwing things” with the pair’s two young sons at home.

From high school sweethearts… to parents of two sons… to a divorce. It’s all over for Amy Slaton and Michael. (Instagram)

Amy and Michael are in the process of legally splitting up and trying to figure out custody of their children.

Tammy, meanwhile, lost her husband of just a few months on June 30 when Willingham passed away from causes unknown.

“I am devastated to share the news of my husband’s passing,” Tammy told People Magazine at the time.

She added:

“He was my best friend and I loved him dearly. When I met Caleb he became my guardian angel and now he really is watching over me.

“Our families appreciate everyone’s sympathy and ask that you respect our privacy at this time.”

This was one of the photos Tammy Slaton uploaded on social media in tribute of her late husband, Caleb Willingham. (Instagram)

Tammy and Caleb got married in November 2022.

“I loved that man, and I still do,” Tammy said through tears in a recent TikTok video.

“I miss him like crazy, but I wanted to thank everybody for… I’m sorry. Thank you, everybody, for your comments. I appreciate it, I really do.”

We can’t say for certain whether this tragedy played any role in Tammy’s alleged fight with her family members.

But it would be quote understandable if it did, wouldn’t you agree?