10 Things That Go Through Your Head When You Wear Matte, Full-Coverage Foundation for the First Time in Ages

foundation drawer
All about that base
  1. Why do I feel like my skin can’t breathe and like I’m wearing 500 layers of products? I guess that happens when you spend your summer wearing barely there Rose Inc serum foundation and tinted mineral sunscreen.
  2. Girl, it’s wild! In real life this base looks hella crazy, but it looks nice in pictures, go figure.
  3. Really, though, I need to buff these layers down with a buffing brush, ASAP.
  4. I can’t believe I used to wear full coverage every day.
  5. If only I could go back in time and tell baby Karen during that phase that she could’ve gotten away with a lot less base, LOL!
  6. Maybe next time I’ll blend a few drops of Chanel Soft Pink Skin Enhancer or MAC Strobe Cream into this; I bet that would be super pretty!
  7. I wonder if I’ll ever wear heavy base again just for fun. Maybe? It could happen…
  8. Eh, my pores probably wouldn’t play along, though, unless I was very purposeful and careful with technique. I know it can be done, but dang, it’s so much work!
  9. I bet Hung Vango would know all the tricks and save me from myself, ha ha ha!
  10. I gotta remember that makeup is fun! Trying different things, new techniques and having an open mind about products is a great thing!

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