According to Statista, the beauty industry is worth over $571 billion. That’s probably not surprising when you consider the price of cosmetics and beauty treatments. As an example, a professional facial sets you back anywhere from $65 to $200. And a jar of anti-aging moisturizer could cost you $15 or $250, depending on where you shop.

But we all want to feel beautiful and pampered, right? The good news is that you can get that “cared for” feeling without breaking the bank. The answer lies in learning a few DIY beauty skills. With a bit of beauty know-how, you can permanently end your relationship with pricey extra services at the salon.

So, let’s dive into the 10 best DIY beauty techniques to learn now. To avoid overwhelm, start with whichever one seems highest priority for you. Perfect your skill in that area, then move onto the next priority.

10 must-know DIY beauty techniques

Close up of woman wearing DIY beauty mask.
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Here’s what no beauty worker really wants you to know: There are many ways to get salon-quality hair or esthetician-approved skin from the comfort of your home. You may need to pick up a few new skills, but it’ll be worth it. Below are 10 DIY beauty skills that could be on your shortlist.

1. Perfecting your skincare routine

A crucial step towards radiant, healthy skin is implementing a personalized skincare routine. To start, identify your skin type and top skin priorities. From there, you can build a daily regimen of cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

Shop lower cost brands like Garnier, Cerave, and The Ordinary. Also look for multi-action products such as a tinted moisturizer with SPF or a micellar cleanser/toner combo. These save you money and time.

Also decide if you need weekly exfoliation and/or targeted face treatments to tackle things like acne or dryness. For some ideas, see my list of at-home skincare hacks.

Be consistent with your daily and periodic treatments so you get the best results. The faster you see improvements in the tone and texture of your skin, the less you’ll feel the urge to book a facial.

2. DIY facials as TLC

If you do get that urge, try an at-home facial first. Explore the ample possibilities DIY face masks offer using readily available household items like avocado, honey, or yogurt. Of course, if you don’t keep much in your pantry, it might be cheaper to buy an inexpensive facial mask or a few sheet masks.   

Research popular recipes targeting different skin issues like dryness, acne, or dullness and experiment to find what works best for you.

3. Mastering makeup techniques

Creating flawless, professional-looking makeup starts with understanding and mastering the essential techniques for application. Invest time in learning the basics, such as foundation and concealer placement, the art of contouring, and perfecting your eyeliner and shadowing skills. 

Explore different types of brushes and tools to find what works best for you. Get on YouTube and watch video tutorials, then practice until you’re creating day and night looks with confidence.

4. Getting acquainted with hair care

Healthy, vibrant locks begin with proper hair care that’s customized to your hair type and concerns. Discovering the right combination of shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, and heat protectants can significantly impact the overall health of your mane. 

Woman lying down with treatment in her hair.
Source: Envato. You can easily mimic a salon hair treatment experience at home.

You can try customized shampoos and conditioners like Prose or Function of Beauty. These brands ask you a series of questions, then give you a customized regimen. The only trouble is, they’re not cheap. Function of Beauty’s suggested regimen for me was $107, before first-order and subscription discounts. For that price, I would get a styling primer, shampoo, conditioner, and mask.

I don’t want to spend that much, and maybe you don’t either. Here are some alternate strategies to reduce your dependence on expensive hair products:

  • Take vitamins and eat a nutritious diet. Sometimes bad hair comes from a poor diet.
  • Try at-home keratin treatments.
  • Massage your scalp regularly.
  • Give yourself a weekly DIY hair mask.

5. Upgrading your nail game 

You can get salon-worthy nails at home! It only takes a tiny bit of skill plus some dedication to regular upkeep. Learn how to file your nails correctly, shaping them to fit your style, and practice applying nail polish or acrylics without streaks or bubbles. If you can’t manage to sit still long enough for your polish to dry, get a nail buffer and skip the polish entirely.

Elevate your nail care by incorporating nourishing treatments into your routine, such as DIY cuticle oils and moisturizing hand masks. 

6. Perfect your brows through waxing 

At-home waxing is a game-changer for eyebrow maintenance. It saves you time and money. And, you can completely perfect your brows through waxing as long as you have the right equipment. That equipment includes wax strips, tweezers, a pen, and scissors.

Woman holds up wax strip to her eyebrow.
Source: Envato.

The process is pretty simple. Take the wax strip, hold it atop your brow, draw the shape you want with a pen, then cut the strip along your lines. Apply the strip carefully — avoiding the eyebrow hair you want to keep — and remove. Bammo, you now have beautifully shaped brows. Grab any strays with your tweezers.

Keep in mind that not all skin types are suitable for waxing. If you break out in red bumps or get ingrown hairs, stick to plucking or shaping via eyebrow pencils or gels.

7. Creating easy hairstyles

Changing up your hairstyle at home doesn’t have to be daunting, thanks to numerous easy-to-learn techniques that are elegant and interesting. Explore simple yet stylish hairdo tutorials on Instagram and YouTube. Elegant braids and sleek ponytails are great starting points.

There are many online tutorials to guide you through each step, ensuring success in achieving the desired look. Plus, you can probably use the tools you already have at home.

8. Self-tanning techniques

If you want a beautifully bronzed glow, you can get it in any weather condition, and without risking skin cancer or spending time in an airbrush chamber. The big bronzing hacks to remember are:

  • Always exfoliate or use a body brush before applying self-tanner.
  • Stick with gradual self-tanners, which deepen your glow with continued use. These give you more control over your color and look more natural.
  • If you bronze your bod, bronze your face and neck too — but use a self-tanner that’s designed for the face.
  • Remember the sunblock. Your fake tan doesn’t protect you from burning.

9. Developing eyelash skills

Woman applies mascara while looking in mirror.
Source: Envato.

Sadly, my eyelashes aren’t what they used to be. If you can relate, your options are:

  • Curl those lashes and apply a few coats of mascara for volume and length.
  • Wear fake eyelashes. I am not great with glued-on lashes, but I do occassionally wear magnetic ones.
  • Make a DIY eyelash serum out of castor oil.

Experiment to find the eyelash strategy that works for you.

10. Whitening those teeth 

Don’t forget about those pearly whites! Whiter, brighter teeth is one of those DIY beauty strategies that can immediately boost your confidence and enhance your look.

The best part is, you can buy affordable at-home treatments at Target or Amazon. While you’re there, pick up some floss and mouthwash. Adding those steps to your daily brushing regimen can help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

DIY beauty for efficiency and confidence

You might embark on a DIY beauty journey specifically to save money. But you’ll likely realize other benefits, too. You’ll learn more about the techniques, products, and ingredients you love. You’ll gain confidence as you realize you can create any look you want with the right tools.

Heck, you might even start experimenting on friends and family, publish your looks on the feeds, and become the next famous beauty influencer. I’d love that for you! So let this be the day you started new, money-saving beauty habits — and lowered your personal contribution to the multi billion-dollar beauty industry.